Panel: Anti-Semitism in the cultural sector

Since the Hamas attack on Israel, there has been repeated discourse in Germany that the cultural sector also has a significant anti-Semitism problem. However, is this even accurate? Where does legitimate criticism of Israeli policy end, for instance, and where is anti-Semitism actually expressed? Especially in the cultural sector, anti-Semitism and any other form of hatred and discrimination must indeed be outlawed. Do decrees, bans and clauses really help here?

The event is part of the Berlin Book Festival.
Saturday, 8 June, 3 pm, Bebelplatz, Berlin-Mitte 

The Berlin Senator for Culture and Social Cohesion, Joe Chialo (CDU), sociology professor Teresa Koloma Beck from Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg, and journalist and spokesperson for PEN Berlin, Deniz Yücel, will participate in the discussion. The event will be moderated by journalist Jens Balzer.


What unites us? – Two Tuesday talks to overcome polarisation

Eva von Redecker © Sophie Brand 
What can we do against division in society and discourse?
1. Shared values, undivided attention? What significance do “Western” values, religious values and “German” values have today? 
Tuesday, 14. May, 8 p.m.  
Expert: Regina Ammicht Quinn (professor of ethics)
Moderator: Tanja Dückers (writer)
2. Buzzwords “Woke, Intersectional and Postcolonialism”. (How) can we use language to make the world a better place?
Tuesday, 11. June, 8 p.m. 
Expert: Dr. Eva von Redecker (philosopher)
Moderator: Dr. Asmus Trautsch (philosopher)
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