Press release of October 14th, 2022: PEN Berlin at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Press release of October 14, 2022
Maybe not that bad: PEN Berlin at the Frankfurt Book Fair
Hall 3.1, Stand J 49

Here our program for the Frankfurt Book Fair.

We would particularly like to draw your attention to the panel discussion on Iran organized in cooperation with the Book Fair (with Omid Nouripour and Natalie Amiri, among others) and to the discussion on literature and war (with Peace Prize winner Serhij Zhadan, Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth and Eva Menasse).

Both events will take place on larger stages. At our booth (Hall 3.1., J 49) there will be readings and other talks, including some in English, with Dmitry Glukhovsky, Michel Friedman, Luisa Neubauer, Burhan Sönmez (President PEN International) and Markus N. Beeko (Secretary General Amnesty International Germany), among others.

The program in detail:

I. Events by PEN Berlin (Away)


Iran – where to?
The uprising against the mullahs and what the rest of the world can do

With: Natalie Amiri (»Zwischen den Welten: Von Macht und Ohnmacht im Iran«, Aufbau), Cinur Ghaderi (»Social Work in Post-War and Political Conflict Areas«, Springer VS), Behzad Karim Khani (»Hund, Wolf, Schakal«, Hanser Berlin), Omid Nouripour (Chairman of The Green Party) Deniz Yücel (Spokesman of PEN Berlin) Moderation: Doris Akrap (taz); Welcome address: Juergen Boos (Director if the Frankfurt Book Fair)

In cooperation with the Frankfurt Book Fair


SATURDAY | 22.10. | 12.00 P.M. | AZUBISTRO , HALL 4.0, STAND E 82

War and Literature

With: Serhij Zhadan (»Himmel über Charkiw«, Suhrkamp | Peace Prize Winner 2022), Juri Durkot (Translator and publicist), Eva Menasse (Spokeswoman of PEN Berlin), Claudia Roth (Minister of State for Culture and Media), Moderation: Deniz Yücel (Journalist/Welt)

In cooperation with the German Publishers and Booksellers Association


II. Events of PEN Berlin (Home, Hall 3.1, Stand J 49)

WEDNESDAY | 19.10. | 02.30 P.M.

Jewishness and Universalism
From the I to the Whole World

With: Omri Boehm (»Radikaler Universalismus«, Propyläen) und Michel Friedman (»Fremd«, Berlin Verlag). Moderation: Eva Menasse (»Dunkelblum«, Kiepenheuer & Witsch)


THURSDAY | 20.10. | 11.30 A.M.

Turkey book »Voices of Freedom«:
Writing against Autocracy

With: Aslı Erdoğan (»Requiem für eine verlorene Stadt«, Penguin) und Burhan Sönmez (»Labyrinth«, btb | Präsident PEN International). Moderation: Ralf Nestmeyer (Board PEN Berlin)

On the occasion of the first book publication co-sponsored by PEN Berlin »Voices of Freedom«, edited by Gerrit Wustmann, Verlag Das Kulturelle Gedächtnis)

FRIDAY | 21.10. | 01.15 P.M.

Above contemporary activism:
It will hurt a little now

With: Knut Cordsen (»Die Weltverbesserer: Wie viel Aktivismus verträgt unsere Gesellschaft?«, Aufbau) und Luisa Neubauer (»Gegen die Ohnmacht: Meine Großmutter, die Politik und ich«). Moderation: Bascha Mika (Frankfurter Rundschau)


FRIDAY | 21.10. | 04.00 P.M.

Desk Posture
About political authorship and Cassandra moments

With: Dmitry Glukhovsky (»Geschichten aus der Heimat«, Heyne) und Julya Rabinowich (»Dazwischen: Wir«, Hanser). Moderation: Simone Buchholz (Board PEN Berlin)


SATURDAY | 22.10. | 04.30 P.M.

Egypt: Detained blogger Alaa Abd el-Fattah
The Icon of the Arab Spring and the Darling Country of the German Arms Lobby

With: Markus N. Beeko (Secretary General Amnesty International Germany), Katharine Halls (Übersetzerin | Member of »Free Alaa« Campaign). Moderation: Ronya Othmann (»Die Sommer«, Hanser | Board PEN Berlin)

On the occasion of the book by Alaa Abd el-Fattah: “Ihr seid noch nicht besiegt. Selected Texts 2011-2021”, Wagenbach


III. Author readings at PEN Berlin (Hall 3.1, J49)

WEDNESDAY | 19.10. | 11.30 A.M.

Ralf Bönt: »Zum Verlust von Gegenwart«
An Essay on Anti-Modernism, the New Right, and Putin’s War on the Future (Sinn und Form)


WEDNESDAY | 19.10. | 01.00 P.M.

Leona Stahlmann: »Diese ganzen belanglosen Wunder«
A novel about the possibility of happiness on the brink of apocalypse, saving elective affinities, and the stark beauty of the Salzmarschen. (dtv)


THURSDAY | 20.10. | 01.00 P.M.

Simone Buchholz: »Unsterblich sind nur die anderen«
A novel about friendship and love, about the finiteness of life and the infinity of the ocean. Also known as »sailing sex book« (Suhrkamp)’


FRIDAY | 21.10. | 11.00 A.M.

Marco Sagurna: »Warmia«
The story about a sudden and consuming love between sister and brother. About pain and violence, about abuse and power. And about East Prussia. (Kulturmaschinen Verlag)


FRIDAY | 21.10. | 11.30 A.M.

Michele Mari: »Alles Eisen des Eifelturms«
In conversation with editor Rudi Deuble, translator Andreas Rostek introduces Italian Michele Mari’s novel, which critics describe as a »magical encyclopedia of our past century«. (edition fototapeta)


SATURDAY | 22.10. | 11.30 A.M.

Sophie Sumburane: »Tote Winkel«
What if your husband has been arrested for rape, even confessed – and the victim looks just like you? A crime novel told from three perspectives, a story that pulls the rug out from under you. (Nautilus)


SATURDAY | 22.10. | 01.00 P.M.

Alexander Estis: »Fluchten«
A prose piece about wanted or unwanted, realistic or absurd, successful or unsuccessful attempts to escape – from the familiar living environment, identity, family structure, employment or one’s own body. (edition mosaik)

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