Second aid delivery of the “Fire trucks for Kharkiv“ campaign

Second aid delivery of the »Fire trucks for Kharkiv« campaign

Last weekend (15.04.- 16.04.2023) our driver Christian handed over the second aid delivery of the campaign »Fire trucks for Kharkiv« in Lviv to Switlana from the »Lviv Volunteers«. This organization will further transport the goods to Kharkiv to Serhiy Zhadan.
At the request of our local friends, we did not deliver a fire truck this time, but a van and a trailer. We loaded five 8.1 KWH generators, ten additional 2.8 KWH gasoline generators, 25 water pumps and eight 2.2 KW power stations.
The campaign „Fire trucks for Kharkiv“ collected donations in the amount of 196,554.85 (one hundred and ninety-six thousand five hundred and fifty-four!) Euros. Our thanks to all who contributed to this campaign and to all donors!

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